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The Zampoñistas are Australia’s premier Bolivian Pan Pipe Marching Band. (Not much competition, you say!)

Their act is unique. They are not your usual panpipe band that you might see busking in the City Mall. The haunting tones of the Andean panpipes and a heartbeat of percussion create a swirling, syncopated, high energy chorus of sound, the like of which is rarely heard outside the lands of the Inca realm.

Dressed in ponchos, they weave in and out of crowds, twisting, turning and spinning as they play – totally engaging audiences and innocent bystanders alike!

Some call it guerrilla music, some call it pop-up music.

The Zampoñistas play mostly traditional Inca tunes, and they play it in the pre-Spanish Inca way – splitting up the musical scale between two set of players. The Incas pioneered stereo sound! It creates an exciting dynamic in the music.

They bring joy and delight wherever they play.

The Zampoñistas have performed at the Port Fairy and National Folk Festivals, the Darebin Music Feast, Melbourne’s Ventana Latina festival and many other community and music events. 

The band is united by three things: their love of panpipe music, their love of chocolate, and their unstoppable but totally irrational belief in world domination by panpipes!

¡Viva los Zampoñistas!


2016 has been a bumper year for the Zamps, with festival appearances including a couple of very major festivals: Port Fairy Folk Festival and the National Folk Festival (Canberra). And there's lots to come in 2017! Keep your eye on our gigs page and our Facebook page.

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