Zampoñista tunes    

This page is a private page for the Zamps, to help us learn our music. It contains simple instructions, and a number of tunes. All members are welcome to add tunes. To do so, just email Bruce Watson.

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Instructional Videos

  1. Tony playing pinquillos tune

Audio: mp3s

Alain Thiron talking about panpipes and Bolivia
27 August 2017

Alain's talk   (note: This file is large - 69mb)

Walking tune pairs

  1. Kiki & Tata
  2. Soldada Palla Palla & Ladakh
  3. Totoras & Zorrito
  4. Ojos Azulas & Jaku

Waltzing Matilda
These tunes are 'synthasised sounds, so excuse the time! The Ira and Arca are separated into the right and lef channels, so you can alter the mix you hear.

  1. Waltzing Matilda (normal speed)
  2. Waltzing Matilda (slow)

Illapu tunes
Click here to watch the Sydney practice video. Click here to watch the live concert video.

And here are audio versions of the tunes.
  1. Tune 1 slow
  2. Tune 1 full speed
  3. Tune 2 slow
  4. Tune 2 full speed
  5. Both tunes full speed

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Written music (pdfs)

  1. Amazon (simple - with numbers & instrumental)
  2. Ancestors
  3. Dance Me to the End of Love
  4. El Sicuri
  5. Illapu 1
  6. Illapu 2
  7. Jacku
  8. Kiki (with harmony)
  9. Ladakh (with harmony)
  10. Ojos Azulas
  11. Papel de Plata
  12. Sicuriadas
  13. Sicuris 1 & 2 (numbers)
  14. Sicuris: Waiting for Oliver (numbers)
  15. Tata Quillatas (with bass & offbeat)
  16. The Owl
  17. Totoras
  18. Tres de Mayo (with bass)
  19. Waltzing Matilda
  20. Warina
  21. Zorrito (with bass)

  22. All Canto Sicuri tunes with numbers (one pdf)
    (Warina, Corazon Mio, Ojos Azulos, Tres de Mayo, Sicuris, Allans 2, El Sicuri, Sicuriadas, Soldado Pallo-Pallo, Kiki)

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MuseScore: Notation you can play along to

To play these tunes you will need to download Musecore and learn how to operate it. It's very simple. See the instructions below.

Once you have MuseScore installed, just click on the tune title below and it will take you to the tune in MuseScore. You can download the individual tunes or play them off the web.
  1. Amazon
  2. Dance Me to the End of Love
  3. Good King Wenceslas
  4. Illapu 1
  5. Illapu 2
  6. Jered's Jive   Standard   -   Easier
  7. Kiki (with harmony)
  8. Ladakh (with harmony)
  9. Ojos Azulas
  10. Sicuriada
  11. Tata Quillatas (with bass & offbeat)
  12. Totoras
  13. Tres de Majo
  14. Waltzing Matilda
  15. Zorrito

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Instructions for installing and using MuseScore

The first thing you need to do is download MuseScore software, so you can open the files. It's high quality freeware. Click here to go to the MuseScore website

Press the download button and follow instructions.This will enable you to open the scores and to save them on your own computer. It will also allow you to create scores, if you wish.

A Manual also comes with the download (you can delete the several non-English ones).

When you open a score, close the ‘Connect with Community” bit on the right side to give you the full screen.

You can save the individual tunes to your own computer or play them off the web. They are tiny files.

To Play a score: press spacebar or the play button in the menu bar on top.

To alter tempo of playback, click on Display (main menu), then Play Panel to open the Play Panel. You can alter the Tempo slide to slow the tune down or speed it up. I suggest trying it very very very slowly to start with (say around 55 bpm for Waltzing Matilda), and gradually speed up. The rigidness of the tempo can take a bit of getting used to.

To alter the mix between ira (top stave) and arca (bottom), click on Display then Mixer. This allows you to mute or solo either stave, or to alter the volume of each independently. You click the mouse on the relevant ‘dial’ and move it around. To turn a dial clockwise, click and drag upwards. To turn a dial counter-clockwise, click and drag downwards. I like to learn by playing my part (arca) softly and Ira loud.

For scores with harmonies, you can mute selected parts by ticking the Mute box on the Mixer panel. So you can play the tune with or without the harmony, or play the harmony only.

To hear repeats during playback, make sure the "Play Repeats" button: II::II on the toolbar is selected.

You can zoom the score in and out either by using the option on the tool bar or control+mousewheel.

You may prefer to actually read off the printed page that we use for practices, rather than read off the screen, because (unless you have a big screen and can see the whole score on the screen at once) the score jumps around to ensure that the bit that’s playing is always visible. This can be hard to follow. Also, the different formatting and length of lines compared to the practice print-out might be confusing.

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